A Touch of Magic Rom-Coms

TheTouch-of-Magic Series

Walkies, Darling! (A Novelette)

She is passionate about her husband. Passionate with hatred.

Dog-lover Evie Snide wants out of her miserable marriage and her starring role as a doormat. Her only gleam of light is her darling rescue greyhound. And a  recent encounter with a handsome American – but what would he want with a drab fortyish frump?

When Evie sounds desperate on the phone, her best friend manipulates Mr Snide away and rushes to the rescue. With the help of Evie's mysterious neighbour, can she make Evie's future brighter?

Or has Evie slid too far down the slope of sadness to escape and find love?

If you enjoy zany romantic comedies with a touch of magic, you'll love Janet Butler Male's novelette.

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Awful Wedded Husbands (A Novella)

Have you ever been trapped with the wrong man?

Lexi is. She blew it when she married dull Gary Blewitt.
Her job at the bank is more fun than home life. 
Daily, she dreams of a more exciting man and career.
Then both come along at once, like buses. 
But her insanely jealous husband, one murderous mother-in-law, and various other obstacles abound.
Will Lexi get the life she craves?
Or is she doomed to a life of baked beans and boredom?

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Mary's Marriage Trap (A Novelette)

Watch what you wish for in magical Venice because your dreams might come true...

Mary married Nigel on the rebound from her true love.

BIG mistake.

In a last-ditch attempt to resurrect the sinking marriage, they visit Venice. However, even that romantic city can't raise a dead relationship.

But when Mary's old flame is in the same hotel with his moody wife, Mary wonders if fate has handed her a second chance.

If you enjoy romantic comedies brushed with magic, you'll love Janet Butler Male's fun novella…

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Holly's Holiday Angel (A Novella)

Another Christmas with her husband? Bah humbug!

As Holly butters a scone in a London cafe, she dreams of divorce and true love. Then Michelle Middblower appears and claims to be her guardian angel. 

Has Holly's husband finally driven her crazy, or is celestial help at hand?

Discover if Holly gets her holiday wish or is doomed to a life of under-the-thumb misery.

Holly's Holiday Angel is the fun fifth standalone book in the Touch-of-Magic rom-com series. If you like charming female characters and happy new beginnings, you'll love this wacky festive tale.

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Faya and the Fairy Godmother (A Novelette)

If your fairy godmother gave you one wish...

Bullied into an arranged marriage in 1987, faye lived to regret it and now mourns her lost love. Her escapes from misery are champagne, prescription drugs and her German Shepherd dog.

When her desperation and hatred of her husband reaches a confused crescendo,  she sets fire to his favourite suit. And wakes in a private mental health clinic, sectioned and with no escape route, worse off than before. 

‘I need a fairy godmother,’ Faye says in desperation. And, hey presto, Muriel Sparkle appears and whisks her back to 1987 for a do-over.

Will Faye stand up to her grandfather and marry the man she loves? Or will she succumb to his blackmail again and destroy her last hope of happiness?

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(Originally published as Sarah Sapp's Second Chance)