Izzie Firecracker A rom-com series about new beginnings

The Izzie Firecracker Series

The wacky adventures of a zany London-based self-help guru and her clients. Humorous women's fiction with plenty of romance and a sprinkle of suspense...

Some review snippets...

"It's an awesome story..."

"I wish there was a real Izzie..."

"The overview is witty and heartwarming but the under glow is great advice and common sense."

The last of the Family Diamonds

The Last of the Family Diamonds Izzie Firecracker 1 (A Novel)

Izzie Firecracker, zany London self-help guru, hands out second chances like candy...

Within twenty-four hours, three desperate women turn to her for help...

 The first, between fantasies of a sexy cowboy, wants to murder her husband. Before he steals the last of her confidence and fortune…

 The second wants to be rid of her lentil-obsessed, manipulative boyfriend.  He's stuck to the sofa, and allergic to work.

 The third, still depressed after the death of her true love, finds her husband in bed -- with the chauffeur...

 Izzie wants to help the new friends, but she unearths some nasty skeletons. It's time to call Barry Brillo, a scruffy but shrewd private detective...

 Can Izzie and Barry outwit a series of cads and bullies before someone loses their mind, money… or their life?

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Movies, Mothers & Murder Izzie Firecracker #2 (A Novel)

Out of the London frying pan and into the Vegas Fire...

Quirky London therapist, Izzie Firecracker, is at a low ebb. She is broke and has to vacate her luxury home and office.

Then her mum dies, leaving a mountain of teddy bears and years of clutter, both emotional and actual. When things cannot get worse, they do...

A beddable businessman summons Izzie to Vegas to run a self-help seminar in his shiny new hotel. However, all that shines is not silk.

Soon after Izzie checks into her luxury suite, she falls into a scary world of gangsters, murder and mayhem. Can Izzie escape back to London alive, or at least in one piece, with her heart intact?

A lighthearted caper where romantic comedy meets romantic suspense.

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Movies, Mothers and Murder
Over the Sea to Die

Over the Sea to Die Izzie Firecracker #3 (A Novel)

Is paradise worth dying for?

Izzie, a professional counsellor,  meets a hot Highlander with a problem. A close family friend used to a fun-loving party girl but now spends her days on a windswept rocky shore, Bible in hand.

Eager to help her newfound hunk in a kilt while exploring their budding romance, Izzie agrees to visit his family's Scottish castle to help.

At first, Izzie thinks it's just loneliness and depression. But she soon encounters darker influences, including a crazy ghost and a murderous husband.  Then she and her client receive death threats written in real blood.

What began as a romantic getaway with a slice of professional help on the side becomes a toe-curling (not in a good way) investigation to find out what's going on before one of them winds up feeding the fishies.

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The Christmas Castle Ghost Izzie Firecracker #4 (A Novella)

It's nearly Christmas...

Izzie Firecracker is dreaming of a hot sexy holiday in Bora Bora when her new husband summons her to the Scottish Highlands.

The family business, a castle hotel on the Isle of Scree, is short on funds and can't turn down a wealthy and glamorous American family who wants the 'Full Scottish Castle Experience' – complete with ghost.

But there is no ghost. Or is there?
And none of the guests is intent on murder or embezzlement? Or are they?

What Izzie presumed would be a quiet Christmas is anything but, and she finds herself in a race against time to save the hotel – and a guest's life. 

The feel-good romantic romp, with a good sprinkling of dark intrigue to spice up the Christmas punch. (A novella of approx. 20,000  words)

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The Christmas Castle Ghost