Milly's Magical Midlife (Paranormal Mystery Meets Rom-Com)

Baking and Entering Milly's Magical Midlife #1 (A Novel)

A sassy-mouthed cat. A vengeful ghost. Can a recent divorcee solve a magical mystery before she joins the deceased?

Forty-year-old Milly Miller's life is dull. Her marriage is passion-free, and her shoeshop job is ‘sole’ destroying. When she and her husband separate, Milly longs for excitement and glamour. But on her paltry wages, her life is more orthopaedic sandals than designer heels

On divorce day, she inherits a fortune and a posh London pad. Her luck has changed, and Milly hotfoots it to the capital.

She couldn’t be happier in her new home with its fun and zany neighbours. Until she discovers a resident ghost, who claims someone murdered her. And that she's a witch. Suspected weapon? Baked goods laced with magical vanilla essence.

The ghost asks Milly to investigate with the help 200-year-old Siamese cat with a sassy tongue.

A prime suspect is the ghost’s hunky son, who Milly falls for. But in a twist of fate, if the son is innocent, Milly must return her fortune. And if he’s guilty, she’ll lose out on love.

If you enjoy zany paranormal comedies with plenty of magical mystery and a dash of romance, you’ll love Janet Butler Male's Baking and Entering.

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Scone but Not Forgotten Milly's Magical Midlife #2 (A Novel)

Can she save her daughter from a dastardly demon? Oh, and solve a murder in her spare time?

Newly divorced and forty, Milly’s life takes a magical turn for the better. She has a fabulous London pad, a hunky boyfriend, and a hip new cafe on King’s Road, Chelsea. She even counts royalty amongst her customers.

What could go wrong?


Someone murders her landlord, and Milly turns amateur sleuth to avert a miscarriage of justice. Then customers disappear into a time-tunnel, lured by a vengeful, greedy demon. When he threatens Milly’s daughter’s life, the gloves are off.

With the help of a friendly witch ghost and a sassy 200-year-old talking cat, can Milly travel to Regency London and save her daughter?

Scone but Not Forgotten is the second book in Milly's Magical Midlife series. If you enjoy zany paranormal comedies with plenty of mystery and a dash of romance, you’ll love this wacky read.

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Once Bitten, Twice Pie Milly's Magical Midlife #3 (A Novel)

A buried dark secret. A vampire who faints at the sight of blood. A murder.

Newly remarried and happy, Milly is a tad bored and wishes for more excitement. But surrounded by a talking cat, witches and ghosts, she should be careful what she wishes for. After she meets an engaged young couple in a cafe, the fiance drops dead minutes later. And Milly is reluctantly in the middle of a murder investigation - and a vampire hunt.

If that's not enough, a deep dark secret from her teenage years is back to bite her.

Soon Milly is in a race against time to save someone she loves and redeem some destructive guilt before happily ever after becomes happy never after.

If you enjoy wacky paranormal mysteries rich with romance and baked goods, you'll love Once Bitten, Twice Pie.

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